[CQ-Contest] so2r question

Jim Brown k9yc at audiosystemsgroup.com
Thu Mar 12 13:26:59 EDT 2015

On Thu,3/12/2015 3:58 AM, Rick Dougherty NQ4I wrote:
> Hi All...to the SO2R guys...how do you handle the audio to two rigs in SO2R?

I'm using the excellent YCCC SO2R box. It includes WinKey emulation. It 
switches the keyer, mic, computer message playback, PTT, and headphones 
between radios on the basis of OTRSP or MKR2 commands via USB from the 
logging computer. I use VOX rather than the PTT function, because I 
don't like foot switches.  Mic, keyer, and headphones are plugged into 
the YCCC SO2R box. I use a Tascam US100 stereo USB audio interface for 
playback and for digital mode encode/decode.

> Would your system work with two separate computers controlling their
> independent radios?

It should "work" in the sense of switching the mic, playback, keyer, 
PTT, and headphones. But how does the user interface with the radio 
controlled by the second computer?  And why do you want the second 

> What I am trying to do is use two separate stations and integrate them as
> SO2S (Single Op two stations) I need the ability to use one head set and
> have the transmit audio routed to the proper rig, according to the foot
> switch pressed. Is this a capability?

Not unless there's something within N1MM Plus to sense your foot switch.

Until the most recent NAQP RTTY, I used a setup somewhat like yours for 
SO2R RTTY contesting -- one Thinkpad per radio. Logger Classic and 
Logger Plus "sort of" prevent both rigs from transmitting at the same 
time, but it's a bit awkward to use.  To use it, I rearranged the 
operating desk enough to fit in the second laptop, moved the RS232 cable 
and audio cables from one computer to the other. Each computer had its 
own USB audio interface.

I recently upgraded the shack computer to a much faster processor with 
more RAM and more screen, so I tried running RTTY from the single 
computer. I was able to run two decoders on each radio, with enough 
screen real estate and processing horsepower, and I found it MUCH easier 
to use.

73, Jim K9YC

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