[CQ-Contest] Posting Scores

Ed Sawyer sawyered at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 23 10:25:40 EDT 2015

I am happy to hear that many people get more enjoyment out of contesting by
following along with competitors on "real time scoreboard".  I am also happy
to hear that many like the use and efficiency boost of packet spots and
skimmers.  We are crossing a line we start "strong arming" people to use
what we prefer.  I prefer unassisted.  I don't think you want me strong
arming anyone to do it my way.


Radiosport is like a running event.  Lots of classes and levels of
competition collocating in the same event but competing in their own class.
Lets keep it that way.


Unless you are a multi-op with "off time" to socialize and cheerlead, it
would seem to me that anyone truly getting motivated or reacting to seeing
what they see on a realtime scoreboard is by default - losing.  No one ever
won a race spending time judging what the guy in front of them is doing.
Get out front, stay there, and don't worry about how the crowd behind you is
doing.  That's my opinion anyway.


See you all in WPX as NV1N.  Don't look for me on the scoreboard.get on the
radio and enjoy yourself and make some Qs.



Ed  N1UR - NV1N

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