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Gerry Hull gerry at yccc.org
Mon Mar 23 07:55:54 EDT 2015

When I started this idea about 8 years ago, we had pretty good

As Pete said, as time went on, I did not have the bandwidth to continue
managing and
updating the site.  K1TTT took over for a while.  The level of interest
seemed to drop off over time.

I'm happy that the Russian boys have picked up the effort, and are
continuing the scoreboard.
Even if you do not like the interface, it does represent a lot of work.

I do wish they were open about their API -- like Felipe and team is about
the RBN.
It would be great if there were a central site to gather scores, and any
number of
sites to display them.   In this way, any group interested could customize
they are displaying.  The current site has a lot of options, but is missing
a lot.

People have expressed to me that they would like a custom view that shows
a horse race between members of a club, or clubs, etc.   It would be great,
for example, for any particular contest sponsor to bring up a score page of
their own.

On the matter of posting scores -- this subject has been discussed at
Some people get motivated by seeing competitors scores, others to not.
It all depends on the philosophy of the ops, and in the case of multis, the
owners.  The data is out there -- some just watch but don;t post.
Real-time score
reporting is just another aspect in contesting.   We can't force anyone to

As Ward Sliver has talked about in some of his great talks on the future of
we will get to a day when log checking will be done in real time.
Certainly, this is
quite possible now.  There will always be camps resistant to change.
People will view
any of this technology with whatever bias they have.

Rick, you are a great cheerleader for scoreboards,,, don't expect everyone
to participate,
but keep up the cause!

Gerry  W1VE

On Sat, Mar 21, 2015 at 9:14 PM, Rick Dougherty NQ4I <nq4i at contesting.com>

> I cannot believe what I have been seeing and hearing this RDXC!! Hundreds
> of stateside signals and not hardly a one posting a score...I feel very
> strongly that if you USE the technology to have packet, or skimmer
> assistance, then you should post your score! The UA hams have done a really
> wonderful job in their website..it keeps getting better and better...
> My hat is off to the following: W8CAR, AA3B, K3IT, W3LL, W6AWW, N3MX, K3ZU,
> N3BNA, and W1KM for posting their scores for all to see! What a go
> gentlemen!
> So, How about it guys....post, or don't use packet and skimmer!
> NQ4I
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