[CQ-Contest] Posting Scores

Steve London n2icarrl at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 10:58:37 EDT 2015


Not sure if you actually read some of the previous postings - especially 
the one that said cqcontest.ru is now cqcontest.net .

Dmitry, the owner of cqcontest.net, has recently complicated the process 
for posting scores.

Here is what is required:

- A new username and password . Old usernames most likely won't work.

- The username MUST be the same as the callsign for which the real-time 
score report is being submitted. For example, if NQ4I uses a different 
callsign next weekend, such as NA4A, he CANNOT use his existing nq4i 
cqcontest.net username to submit reports. It will fail because the 
username (nq4i) does not match the callsign (NA4A). He must obtain a new 
username (na4a).

The current version of N1MM Logger+ has a number of cross-checks and 
status messages to minimize the chance of errors. However, as the N1MM 
Logger programmer who made these changes, cqcontest.net still feels like 
a moving target.

Steve, N2IC

On 03/23/2015 04:08 AM, Tim Shoppa wrote:
> A local contester once walked me through setting up my logger so my scores
> would get automatically posted to a real-time scoreboard -"cqcontest.ru" I
> think it was. I think this was 2013 WAE CW. cqcontest.ru doesn't work for
> me anymore. So I think you guys are talking about a successor.
> I have no idea how I would set it up again. I really needed a lot of
> handholding, because I had to register and then tweak things in the logger
> config. I'm not really sure it's worth the effort to go look up again.
> If I want to compare myself to others in a serial number contest, I just
> listen to their serial number and compare to mine, while dialing across the
> bands. Don't really need a real-time scoreboard. Of course in Russian DX,
> this crutch doesn't work for the russian stations that don't send serial
> numbers!
> Tim N3QE

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