[CQ-Contest] Posting Scores

Tim Shoppa tshoppa at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 06:08:44 EDT 2015

A local contester once walked me through setting up my logger so my scores
would get automatically posted to a real-time scoreboard -"cqcontest.ru" I
think it was. I think this was 2013 WAE CW. cqcontest.ru doesn't work for
me anymore. So I think you guys are talking about a successor.

I have no idea how I would set it up again. I really needed a lot of
handholding, because I had to register and then tweak things in the logger
config. I'm not really sure it's worth the effort to go look up again.

If I want to compare myself to others in a serial number contest, I just
listen to their serial number and compare to mine, while dialing across the
bands. Don't really need a real-time scoreboard. Of course in Russian DX,
this crutch doesn't work for the russian stations that don't send serial

Tim N3QE

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