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Chuck Milam, N9KY N9KY at arrl.net
Wed Mar 25 14:44:00 EDT 2015

I kept the online scoreboard open once during a contest, and I realized I
was running close behind someone in my entry class--it kept me pushing hard
through the last hours of the contest and gave me a goal to shoot for with
my little pistol station.  It made it all kinds of fun to have the visible,
real-time look at the competition.  I enjoyed the thrill of competition,
and I got a first place certificate out of it.

On Tue, Mar 24, 2015 at 3:18 PM, Jeff Clarke <ku8e at bellsouth.net> wrote:

> Sorry to be so sarcastic but why? I have to agree with K9YC 100%. I guess
> I don't see the purpose of these real-time contest websites anyway. Maybe
> it's just an ego booster for the haves vs. the have nots to see in
> real-time how badly they are stomping everyone? Seems like a pretty stupid
> thing to get bent out of shape about Hey?
> See you as PJ4Z this coming weekend....and I will make sure K4BAI posts
> our score to make Rick happy.
> Jeff /PJ4
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