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Because it turns contesting into a competition with spectators, because it makes the competition more competitive, because it motivates people...for all the reasons most sports are public events.
Rudy N2WQ
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I've been reading this thread and having a hard time understanding why
anyone who is seriously competing would want to tell their competitors how
they are doing. 


I've never looked at a scoreboard, except for WRTC 2014, and I was not
competing against the WRTC competitors. Of course, for the most part I
operate unassisted, so I'm not seeing where the competition is operating.
But even in my serious assisted efforts, virtually exclusively in phone
contests, I don't want to look at a scoreboard.


If I saw I was way ahead, I would get complacent. If I saw I was way behind
I would get discouraged, not motivated. But that is what I know about


This aspect of our hobby is called "contesting." It is a competition. Why
help your competition by telling them how you are doing if they have a
personality where it might motivate them?


I have a hard time believing that watching a scoreboard is going to attract
non contesting hams to contesting. Watching an actual operation to see the
fun and actually operating is going to do that.


73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT





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