[CQ-Contest] Proposed rule changes

XV4Y (Yan) xv4y at nature-mekong.com
Sun May 24 02:47:10 EDT 2015


Well, that would a radical change, but my opinion is that the whole contest should be contained inside the time limit.
That means for me that every log should be received BEFORE the end of the contest period.
Sending a log by e-mail is a matter of 10 minutes, not 2 days like it was in the "paper log" times.

I know it can be challenging to enforce, particularly for very remote stations, but that's what we should go for.
I would also like the results to be published a few days after the contest, but not being definitive, giving time to the organizers to check for penalties or disqualifications.

If you don't agree, please give me examples of competitions where you're allowed to show the proofs of your performance several days after the competition.
I see none.

It make me smile thinking about the time I was student.
It would have been great if that after the examinations, I was able to take the examinations sheets with me at home, telling the teachers "Yeah I need a day or two before giving it to you. I will do nothing on it, I swear, that's just I'm a sentimental guy and I need time on my own with them.".

Yannick DEVOS - XV4Y

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> No, I'm sorry. It says "other methods of confirming QSOs" NOT "other
> methods". Here:
> 1. I type in everything and hit enter
> 2. One nanosecond later I notice something is wrong.
> 3. I do what I need to do to transmit a correction if necessary (not always
> necessary), to meet the log what you transmit rule.
> 4. Because I am in a run, and messing with the editing in my logger takes
> me away from the run, I scribble the correction on a notepad I keep for the
> purpose.
> 5. After the contest I edit in all the scribbled corrections.
> There is nothing in this process that exhibits an "other method of
> confirming the QSO". 73 jeff wk6i

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