[CQ-Contest] Recording a contest QSORDER / N1MM / LAPTOP

Mike Smith VE9AA ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Thu Oct 8 19:28:36 EDT 2015

Does anyone have much experience with this?

I use N1MM+

I'd like to try QSORDER by Vasily K3IT instead of buying a handheld digital
recorder which start around $150 here locally.

I recently went SO2R with the YCCC box.(a very nice kit)

I use a laptop with the headphone and mic jacks already used up with my
headset's microphone going in the mic port, and the headphone port going on
as mic audio feeding the YCCC SO2R box.

If I split the headphone audio with a Y-connector and feed it back into the
mic jack which I am already using for my mic I think I'll have issues,


So, what do all you SO2R ops do for recording, per the new CQWW rules posted


(please make replies technical and not about the new rules..we can start
another thread for whether you are for or against it, hi !)


TNX a lot, 


Mike VE9AA



Mike, Coreen & Corey

Keswick Ridge, NB


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