[CQ-Contest] Linux Logging Programs

Katsuhiro Kondou kondou at voyackey.net
Wed Oct 21 02:24:50 EDT 2015

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> I'd be interested in hearing what it is about WinTest that makes it
> better than N1MM Plus. Is it more than "key assignments are like the
> DOS program I used for 15 years before the DOS computer died?"

For single operator, one can choose what she/he want to use.  But in multi
operator situation, the logging software may not be what she/he is familiar
with.  For my case, I use SkookumLogger for single operation, but I've been
using N1MM+ at JE1CKA and will use either of N1MM+ or Win-Test this weekend
at PJ4X.  I think I can be flexible in whichever, but toward the end of
contest I'm getting exhausted and it often happens that I involuntarily type
familiar shortcut key which is different from the current logging software.
To overcome the situation, I made a device of Arduino MEGA ADK.  This device
is placed between PC and USB keyboard on USB line, and reassigns a key to
another key or a sequence of keys.  With this device, I can use usual key
assignments even with other logging softwares.  This device behaves as an HID
one utilizing system standard driver, and doesn't require a special driver or
a software installed on PC.  So I can use this at whichiever PC(Windows, Mac
and Linux) environment.  In addition, this device communicates with another
Arduino MEGA which sits between the radio and PC on CAT line.  The
communication is used for submitting a RIT clear command to the radio by
typing a pre-assigned key.  This is useful for the logging software which
never issues RIT clear command over CAT.  For those who doesn't care the
troublesome and frequent hand moving back and forth for RIT manipulation,
this may not be useful.
Katsuhiro 'Don' Kondou
JH5GHM(JH1GBZ for contesting): one of the laziest operators in the world :-)

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