[CQ-Contest] Linux Logging Programs

Steve London n2icarrl at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 10:13:48 EDT 2015

On 10/21/2015 12:24 AM, Katsuhiro Kondou wrote:
> I made a device of Arduino MEGA ADK.  This device
> is placed between PC and USB keyboard on USB line, and reassigns a key to
> another key or a sequence of keys.  With this device, I can use usual key
> assignments even with other logging softwares.  This device behaves as an HID
> one utilizing system standard driver, and doesn't require a special driver or
> a software installed on PC.  So I can use this at whichiever PC(Windows, Mac
> and Linux) environment.

Why a hardware/firmware solution when there are simple, free, software 
solutions, such as AutoHotKey (for Windows) ?

> In addition, this device communicates with another
> Arduino MEGA which sits between the radio and PC on CAT line.  The
> communication is used for submitting a RIT clear command to the radio by
> typing a pre-assigned key.  This is useful for the logging software which
> never issues RIT clear command over CAT.  For those who doesn't care the
> troublesome and frequent hand moving back and forth for RIT manipulation,
> this may not be useful.

What contesting software doesn't have the capability to send a RIT clear 
command ? Yes, there are radios that don't support an RIT clear command, 
but that isn't the fault of the contesting software.

Steve, N2IC

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