[CQ-Contest] Linux Logging Programs

Dez Watson g3ww.dez at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 13:33:42 EDT 2015

Hi Jim et al,

Well I didn't explicitly say Win-Test is better than N1MM+, simply I 
think Win-Test is worth the fee.

For sure, N1MM+ is a wonderful contest logger, which is supported really 
well and If I was
just getting into contesting, I would most likely start off with N1MM+ 
and never look back. 20 years
ago I began with Super-Duper by EI5DI, then progressed onto Writelog and 
settled on Win-Test and have
been using WT as my main contest logger for around 10 years.

I am not sure how well N1MM+ works under Linux, I have used Win-Test 
under Linux and it works smoothly,
I run a Pentium 4 for contesting here. The original poster was asking 
which loggers worked under Linux,
hence my intial response.

As for Win-Test, well I think the objectives/targets function is 
excellent. I frequently use it
to analyse public logs to understand the strategies in great depth. The 
bandmap list view is another
key feature which I heavily use and it is fully configurable. For 
instance, I might not want to jump
to the next available multiplier but to the next valid station on the 
nearest beam heading.
The indidvidual window colours and also configurable which may sound 
gimmicky but it's a feature I
like. There is virtually no cause for me to use the mouse in Win-Test, 
I'm a touch-typist and I
like to keep my fingers close to the keyboard at all times. I don't use 
any external paddles or a
separate keyer, Win-Test's own keyer does all I require. I've also use 
the internal voice keyer
in Win-Test when I've occasionally entered a Phone contest and found it 
a breeze.

I tend to operate Single Operator on just CW these days.

73 GL

Dez, G3WW / M6W

I'd be interested in hearing what it is about WinTest that makes it 
//better than N1MM Plus. Is it more than "key assignments are like the 
DOS //program I used for 15 years before the DOS computer died?" /

/73, Jim K9YC/

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