[CQ-Contest] When do we spot? Should it be required?

Ken Low kenke3x at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 19:29:14 EDT 2015

> The key word here is "RUNNING."  Nothing worse than seeing someone with "Spot all S&P QSOs" turned on when they are actually running a frequency
> (Pro tip:  You should be in Run mode then.)  Dozens of mults that aren't
> really there piled up in the band map on top of each other, so then I have
> to block the spotter to keep the bandmap and the mult window clear.

"I am happy to report that, thanks to N1MM, this will be changed in the 
next release of N1MM Logger+.



THANK YOU Steve !!!!   

There were a whole bunch of stations who polluted the band map last weekend by spotting while running.  Even after being told repeatedly what was happening, they did nothing about it, and may not even have known how to change their own configuration.   I can see how new or inexperienced ops at a Multi could have unknowingly done this.

Anyway it was a huge waste of time for any Assisted op trying to keep an accurate band map.

Ken KE3X

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