[CQ-Contest] When do we spot? Should it be required?

XV4Y (Yan) xv4y at nature-mekong.com
Fri Oct 30 19:54:39 EDT 2015


In my opinion it will go unspotted. Two reasons I see :
- Some SDR receivers (like my very cheap Softrock) have limited bandwidth and only listen to the CW part of the band
- There is setting that some might have turned on which tell to ignore spots outside the CW part of the band

Yannick DEVOS - XV4Y

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> Hi Mike,
> It was me about the CW squawk.
> .
> I'm testing it with VE4EA... (My K3 front end got blown up by an in-band
> mistake at K6ND last weekend).
> Anyway, I made a 60 wpm wave file for "CQ VE4EA".  For that sequence, it is
> 1 second long.   I would suggest
> that it not squawk on every transmission, but every N transmissions or few
> mins.  One second is nothing.
> If you want a "CQ VE9AA" wav file, I'll send you one.
> I'll let people know the results when we are finished testing.
> This is a WAV file test, sending in SSB mode. (SSB + CW tone) = CW.
> It'll be interesting to see how RBN reacts.
> 73, Gerry W1VE/VE1RM

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