[CQ-Contest] SSB: Don't self spot, use the RBN like CW...

Tom Frenaye frenaye at pcnet.com
Fri Oct 30 15:11:28 EDT 2015

At 02:39 PM 10/30/2015, Gerry Hull wrote:
>So, if you are a little pistol or a big gun, in a CW contest there is RBN.
>Most are happy with that.
>If you could use the RBN for SSB, like CW, no need of a self spot to get
>No rule changes either.
>As I have pointed out in a few other emails, if you squawk your call in
>High-speed CW during a phone event, the RBN will spot you.  There is
>nothing preventing you from doing this from either a contest sponsor or a
>regulatory body.  The only issue is that RBN might consider it CW and your
>software would filter it out. That is easily fixed.

CQ Contest, this is K1KI, roger beep beep beep

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