[CQ-Contest] SSB: Don't self spot, use the RBN like CW...

Gerry Hull gerry at yccc.org
Fri Oct 30 14:39:33 EDT 2015

So, if you are a little pistol or a big gun, in a CW contest there is RBN.
Most are happy with that.

If you could use the RBN for SSB, like CW, no need of a self spot to get
No rule changes either.

As I have pointed out in a few other emails, if you squawk your call in
High-speed CW during a phone event, the RBN will spot you.  There is
nothing preventing you from doing this from either a contest sponsor or a
regulatory body.  The only issue is that RBN might consider it CW and your
software would filter it out. That is easily fixed.

The big advantage of such an idea is that you are still sending RF, and
receivers need to be able to hear you.  if No RBN is hearing you, then
there is a propagation issue.

Self-spotting over purely internet/telnet based networks will flood the
networks with crap and 75% of the spots won't produce a QSO.

Food for thought

73. Gerry W1VE.

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