[CQ-Contest] Thing that drive me nuts

Kevan Nason knason00 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 09:13:38 EST 2016

I don't like test at the end of CQ either.  Not only is putting "test' at
the end of a CQ thought of by some as being the right thing to do, it is
being promoted as being a best operating practice by the IARU.

ON4UN and ON4WW are the custodians of the "EHICS AND OPERATING PROCEDURES
FOR THE RADIO AMATEUR". That document is apparently sponsored by the IARU
since their logo is on it. You can find it at

I have read the one for Region 2. Didn't read the others, but I'm thinking
they probably say the same. Quote: "An example of a fully efficient contest
CQ is: 'G3ZZZ golf three zulu zulu zulu contest' ". It goes on to say "Why
is the word *contest* the last word in your contest CQ? Because by doing
so, someone who happens to tune across your frequency at the end of the CQ,
knows there is someone calling CQ contest on that frequency."

I do think there is some very good stuff in the document and have
referenced it in Ham club meeting and contesting presentations, but I
disagree with that part of it. When I talk about how to do a contest CQ I
specifically ask people to NOT put "contest" or "test" at the end.


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