[CQ-Contest] signing TEST at the end...not so bad

w7dra at juno.com w7dra at juno.com
Sun Dec 4 15:08:08 EST 2016

i guess there is not many hams in the ARRL 160  using a hallicrafers S40,
but having a "test" at the end gives me a chance to throw the
send/receive toggle switch.

mike w7dra

you have all seen the S40, page 91 June 2016 QST

what i cannot believe is that guys like VE3ZI can actually HEAR me. (264
volts and 30 ma on the final 807 plates)

the far end of my half wave inverted L fell down in an October storm and
i used what was left in the tree as my antenna in this  contest

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