[CQ-Contest] RTTY Roundup reminder for QST article

Jeff Stai wk6i.jeff at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 13:05:57 EST 2016

hi all - Now that the 2016 RTTY Roundup is history, here's a reminder to
please send your stories and images to me at wk6i.jeff at gmail.com. Do it
today whilst it is fresh in mind!

And here are a few leading questions that I hope might stimulate a response:

- What was your break time strategy going into the contest? Did you change
it during the contest? In hindsight, would you have done something

- Did something break during the contest? How did you fix it or work around
the problem?

- Did you try something new - hardware, software, furniture. etc.? Did it
work? Why not?

- How bad/good was propagation for you, really? ;)

- What noteworthy beverages did you consume before, during, or after the

Copied below is my initial call for material, for reference. Thanks to all
of you who have already contributed! 73 jeff wk6i

Please do forward this notice to any appropriate contest reflectors and

I write the Roundup article for QST, and this article will be only as good
as the stories and images I can gather from all of the participants. That
would be you!

So please, as you go into the weekend, think about anything you might like
to contribute:

- Did you achieve a particular operating goal - number of QSOs, rate, DXCC,
all time new one, etc.?
- Did you try something new - like multiple radios, a new antenna, etc.?
- Did you have an unusual experience or problem to overcome?
- Were you operating from an interesting location?
- Do you have an interesting operating tip?
- Was propagation lousy? (Yes, I know, it's ALWAYS lousy!)

Even MORE important, I need good images! Some examples of a good image:

- It's in focus!
- An image with people in it with recognizable faces - no backs of heads!
- A clear image of you and your operating position, operating RTTY (your
hand on that 1943 bug is not operating RTTY ;)
- An image with action - someone is doing something, like installing an
- Antenna/tower pictures where you can see it against the background.

Most importantly, a good image is a LARGE jpg. The image must be big enough
to have enough dots to printed in the magazine. A bare minimum file size is
probably 2MB, but bigger is better!

Probably the simplest thing to do is email the picture to me right out of
your smartphone (if that is what you used) or as it was downloaded out of
your camera, before any Photoshop work etc. Just reply to this email or
send to wk6i.jeff at gmail.com.

I can handle "raw" file formats out of DSLR type cameras. If that's what
you have I will take it.

If your image is too big to email, just let me know and I will send you a
link to a place to drop it into.

Jeff Stai ~ wk6i.jeff at gmail.com
Twisted Oak Winery ~ http://www.twistedoak.com/
Facebook ~ http://www.facebook.com/twistedoak

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