[CQ-Contest] short compare IC and K3 on RTTY

Charles Harpole hs0zcw at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 20:46:01 EST 2016

I now have a fully functioning K3/P3 set up with the vga output to a
monitor... send and rcve keyboard RTTY.
I also have an IC-7800 with an attached large monitor.
Comparing the two on RTTY.

IC is a bit easier to tune in RTTY when moving quickly from one signal to
the next and the display is very crisp.  Decoding and sending vy easy and
of high quality results.  Built-in display is ok.   7800 now old model is
abt $5800.

K3 display is crinkly, not so sharp, but gives excellent detailed look at
sig quality and qualities.  At the best setting, it only shows a small part
of the band at any one time and have to use two strokes to recall one
pre-recorded message.   P3 on-board display is just tiny, needs big monitor
so much, and thus the add-on VGA board inside P3.    Whole is about $6300

Selectivity seems equal.  Maybe I will adjust, but right now I would go to
the IC for ease of use.

73, Charly

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