[CQ-Contest] South Carolina QSO Party

Tom Francis w1tef at swsports.org
Fri Jan 8 16:19:40 EST 2016


We've got something cookin' for "The Carolina Weekend", February 27-28, 

The SCQP & NCQP will be giving away an amazing Carolina Style BBQ Dinner 
with all
the trimmings. To be eligible for this drawing, you must submit a log in 
both the SCQP
and NCQP QSO Parties.  We are still working out the details.

NCQP is offering an award for NCQP mobile ops. The mobile op with the 
highest QSO
count will be reimbursed for fuel expenses. Never seen this prize out 
there in the QP

N4IQ/m (The Multi-Operator, Multi-Transmitter, Multi-Car) mobile caravan 
will be rolling
once again this year in the SCQP. Bill N4IQ and his brother Phil, AC4Q 
will running high
power CW and Phone from two cars. N4IQ/m won the multi-op mobile 
category in the
2015 event.

We've got several SCQP mobile ops who will also be running NC counties 
on Sunday. I
believe that we're in for a very exciting QSO Party weekend.

One more award.  The Trident Amateur Radio Club, in conjunction with 
their Feb 17th,
2015 commemoration of the sinking of the USS Housatonic by the 
Confederate Navy's
H.L. Hunley submarine (the first ever successful attack by a submarine) 
will also be
offering a special SCQP certificate for spelling HUNLEY during the SCQP. 
The criteria
will be working ops in Hampton/Horry, Union, Newberry, 
Edgefield and York.  N4HLH will be a "wild card" worth two counties on 
two bands - one
wild card per band.

The South Carolina QSO Party has gone from small to medium and we looking
forward to joining the top tier of state QPs around the nation. Our 
Partners in
North Carolina are as excited about this as we are so join in the fun - 
we're looking
forward to seeing you on the air.

Please visit NCQP <http://www.rars.org/ncqsoparty/> and SCQP 
<http://scqso.com> websites for all the details.

Best regards,

Tom, W1TEF/4
South Carolina Steering Committee

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