[CQ-Contest] NAQP Power Level

Tree tree at kkn.net
Fri Jan 8 18:37:28 EST 2016

I was planning to get on this weekend and hand out some QSOs in the NAQP.
I won't be serious competition as my new station isn't setup well enough
yet to so SO2R - and it's pretty tough to do well without that.

So - after reading the thread about W5WMU - I guess I might as well turn on
the KW?  I'll have faster rates and heck - I wasn't really competiting

Is this what we want to turn the NAQP into?  Maybe 15 or 20 guys running
KWs and everyone else running S&P?

Just doesn't feel right to me.

Part of the challenge in this contest on the low bands is pulling weak
signals out of the noise.  If the guy you are trying to work is running a
KW - then it certainly makes it a lot easier.

I think the high road for those contesters who are concerned about their
reputation is to run the suggested power level.  You certainly can tell if
an antenna is working or not with 100W as well as you can with a KW.

Tree N6TR

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