[CQ-Contest] NAQP Power Level

Bill Parry bparry at rgv.rr.com
Sun Jan 10 23:39:15 EST 2016

Come on Jim. Shish...can you quit beating this drum. I have been contest for
more than 50 years.  I used to compete for a score but now my arthritis
limits my operating time. I hear and worked a bunch of stations including
you. There is no way on earth (except going to their house) for me to
determine whether some loud guy is running smoke. You said, " He's 12 dB
louder by virtue of his power amp, not his antennas or distance." How could
you possibly know that? The folks that are ruining contests are those
negative nannies that always scream about all the cheaters. 

Loud signals are caused by many things including antennas, and
propagation...and higher power, but how do you know such information with
such certainty.

Calm Down,

Bill W5VX 

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On Sun,1/10/2016 1:23 PM, Radio K0HB wrote:
> If a guy is not competing for a prise, why do we care what (legal) power
level they use?

Here's a simple example of why we care from last night on 80M. In S&P mode,
I was calling a station who had a considerably better signal than many from
the east coast I had worked, but I wasted a lot of time trying to get his

Another example -- I'm running S&P and calling another station I need as a
mult and a high power station wins the jump ball. He's 12 dB louder by
virtue of his power amp, not his antennas or distance.

73, Jim K9YC
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