[CQ-Contest] NAQP Power, ok-100 w it is then

n7jb at comcast.net n7jb at comcast.net
Tue Jan 12 01:03:24 EST 2016

If NAQP is to be a 100 w contest, then remove the high power check log provision from the contest rules, thus "discouraging" anyone from using power more than 100 w. This would be in keeping with the intent and spirit of a 100 w contest.  As in any contest, the casual, not-in-the-contest respondents may be QRP or QRO, and NAQP might get fewer check logs (high power check logs need not apply), but at least the "spirit and purpose" of NAQP contests might be better maintained.  

Now what do -I- REALLY think?  I would leave NAQP rules as-is so we can now begin discussion of the next controversy du jour.

73, Jim N7JB

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