[CQ-Contest] March 13 SSB Sprint vs NCJ NAS RTTY Sprint collision

Tim Shoppa tshoppa at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 09:52:20 EST 2016

It appears we have a collision between the SSB Sprint and NCJ NAS RTTY
Sprint both being same night same hours, March 13 2016 UTC.

This is not a bandwidth contention (because they are in different band
segments) but it cannot be good for sprinting in general if one event is
undermining the other.

I enjoy the sprints on all modes but I'll be doing the NCJ NAS RTTY Sprint
in this case. I suspect some other dedicated multi-mode sprinters will be
making a choice too.

I would strongly urge better coordination between the sprints in the
future. If they have to be the same weekend, they could be different nights.

There's other events the same weekend including the new Spring TBDC. I know
there's only a limited number of "non-major" weekends available to put
these other more minor events, but we cannot let the sprints undermine each

Tim N3QE

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