[CQ-Contest] MK2R+ and N1MM Wave file playback

Randall K Martin rkmassoc at comcast.net
Fri Jan 15 19:04:40 EST 2016

Anyone a MK2R+/N1MM windows 10 guru? I have struggled to get set for 
NAQP tomorrow. Still have a stumbling block.

I have finally gotten all audio balanced as per the MK2R+ instructions. 
My transmit audio sounds the same whether I use the PTT which bypasses 
the sound card, or use VOX which goes through the sound card.

I still have one problem to resolve. When I record a WAV file 
"on-the-fly" with N1MM (control-shift-F1), and then press that function 
key (F1), the audio level of the WAV file is way to high. I can't figure 
out how to turn down the wave playback volume without also affecting the 
audio of my live voice (via vox or ptt).

73 Randy K0EU

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