[CQ-Contest] to pre-amp or not to pre-amp

Franki ON5ZO on5zo at telenet.be
Sat Jan 16 13:30:51 EST 2016

Hi folks

This might not be the most suitable place for this question but I know there is much knowledge and experience here.
I really need to enhance my 80/160 RX system. Beverages are out of the question. A true K9AY system is doable but I'd rather not plant more antennas on the lawn than I already have.

I now have a Wellbrook 1m diameter active loop in a distant corner of the garden but I can put up a larger loop which might be better. I've used this small loop for a few years now 
and I honestly don't know if I worked something that I wouldn't have copied without. I use it on my K3 as a diversity antenna together with the the TX GP.

Last year I ran an enameled copper wire along the concrete poles of the fence of the lot behind me. It's about 80-90m long running along the USA SP-LP axis, unterminated and I put 
a 9:1 transformer that I had at hand at the coax end, with a ground stake. That's much cheaper than the commercial loop and I had the feeling it heard as well albeit with slightly 
more noise.

To experiment, I would make a single fixed K9AY loop or a flag aimed to the USA. This way I can stay 2D i.s.o. 3D - see the lawn issue above.

Question 1 is: would I benefit from a pre-amp right at the feedpoint of such a flag or single K9AY loop antenna? Coax to the shack is about 50-60m max.

Question 2 is: The copper wire 'wannabee beverage' runs 10-15 cm above the conductive wire mesh fencing (1m to 1.20m high). Would it be better to just put it on the ground as a 
BOG? What about a pre-amp there?

Thanks already es 73.
Franki ON5ZO / OQ5M

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