[CQ-Contest] Absurd rule in NAQP

Fco. Luis Delgadillo xe2b at outlook.com
Mon Jan 18 11:40:21 EST 2016

I'm amazed for the "witch hunt" mode for a simple opinion of a well respected fellow contester.
Is this the way to attract new blood?

Back to my flames shield.

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First, let me congratulate you for continuing to spit into wind for so many go-arounds.
I admire your stick-to-it-ness.

Second, it is no mystery (at least to me) why you are getting so much opposition.

Go to Randy's blog on CQWW.com and read the recent surveys (two from December blogs).

For whatever reason (many of them covered in the recent posts), North Americans really don't
like the use of spotting assistance, whether cluster or RBN (never mind the "hidden" phone calls,
text messages, Skype, etc. Of course, the latter set is "private" so no real pileup generation).

Also shown in Randy's BLOGs (same two in Dec) is a breakdown by age. So a lot of "us"
North Americans are, well, pretty old and (hence?) pretty set in our ways. Sure, most of "us"
still enjoy new technology and are even eager to try it out. But that does not means that
when it comes to utilization during our favorite contest(s) that we are willing to change.
There is great comfort is falling back into "the old ways," the old (as it was already stated here)
"A boy and his radio." It is kinda cool, too, although I am sure NONE of use would want to keep
a log on paper any longer.

I have not used RBN or cluster or any spotting assistance while contesting for lots of years...how
many? Well, I have NEVER used it during any single op contest. So that is many decades.

Back in the mid 1980's, at a M/M, we did delight in having stacked 2m boomers focused on the
FRC guys. It was a friendly competition and we mostly did it to let them know "we here you
in NY" but we also called out more stuff than we got. It was just friendly competition.

So in closing, thanks for your hard work in helping to set up all of this very neat technology.
And I guess this supports the hypothesis that no good deed goes unpunished.

de Doug KR2Q
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