[CQ-Contest] Inverter generators

Brett Graham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Mon Jan 25 05:25:45 EST 2016

As noted by VE9AA, there are alternatives to Honda.  The Hyundai is 
still a bit dear, a couple dB (power dB) more than what looks to be a 
re-badged Robin that is available where I'm going.

Other - lesser - never-heard-of-before brands nobody seems to touch in 
NA, I see are sold into other markets under other never-heard-of-before 
brand names... so good chance if found to be RF-quiet in EU, 
obviously-same-product in NA likely to be, too.

Have had some experience taming switchers in a previous life - it's just 
that for this trip circumstances are such that I need to be certain that 
the genny doesn't trash HF, or can be made that way with what I can 
bring from here.


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