[CQ-Contest] Inverter generators

Jack Brindle jackbrindle at me.com
Tue Jan 26 16:52:40 EST 2016

I find it interesting that these generators have very limited 12VDC output (marked for battery charging only). It seems that for our use a unit that generates reasonable levels of clean 12VDC and 120VAC would be very useful. Are there any generators that fit the bill, or even produce just 12VDC where we add the external inverter?

Or, is this one of the old home-brew spirit things - get a small engine and add a car alternator?

- Jack, W6FB

> On Jan 25, 2016, at 5:46 AM, Dave Thompson <thompson at mindspring.com> wrote:
> The most popular inverter generators are only 2K watts.  I remember when a club I belonged to ran 3A on the ARRL Field Day we needed a big generator to run everything. One of the hams had a 10KW 1,2, and 3 phase generator on wheels and that was required. We had a 5KW for back up.  We tried several small generators but most could not do the job and we did not want a bunch of generators running.  They were noisy but I do not recall and hash problems.
> I have a problem understanding how a 2K inverter will run a more than one rig plus small amp.  Especially as they are limited to 120V as KK9A mentioned. 
> 73 Dave K4JRB
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