[CQ-Contest] Yaesu FT-1000 CAT to USB

Gary Sutcliffe w9xt at unifiedmicro.com
Sat Jun 4 16:13:58 EDT 2016

On 6/3/2016 9:39 PM, David Pruett wrote:
> Fritz,

> I would agree with some of the other respondents who recommended
> sticking with adapters using a real FTDI chip.

Unfortunately there are a lot of products with  counterfeit FTDI chips. 
There have been reports that some ham applications don't work well with 
the counterfeit parts. It is probably less likely to be a problem with a 
Yaesu CAT application than say sending CW.

A while back FTDI did a driver update that bricked counterfeit chips.  I 
had that happen to one of the cheap ones I got off eBay or Amazon.  FTDI 
backed down but if you get a new cable make sure you update your FTDI 
drivers just in case.

Some more discussion on the counterfeit chips:

Gary Sutcliffe, W9XT

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