[CQ-Contest] Field Day Rules

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Jim, that might be your interpretation, but why is it so hard for the rule
to be clear?

Ed  N1UR

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For most Field Day operations, a "transmitter" means "a transmitter", not
the number is signals that may be on the air at any instant. 

If somebody sitting at a transmitter (transceiver) decides to push the
button to change bands, he is free to do so without going back to see if it
has been 4 or 5 or 9 or 10 minutes since a QSO got logged.

If you really, really, want to do SO2R in Field Day, just increase your
transmitter class by one. You'll still be able to work them faster than lots
of stations with two people sitting at two transmitters.

73  -  Jim  K8MR

On Jun 7, 2016, at 9:45 AM, Peter Chamalian <w1rm at comcast.net> wrote:

> Good question Ed.  I was shocked to see it had been eliminated.  I've 
> written to the CAC but have not received any reply which is frustrating.
> If stations what to play so2r, do it in the same band/mode.  If 
> stations want to play 2 radio with a lockout, do it in the same band/mode.
> Perhaps others will support this and bring back the 10 minute rule.  
> If 10 minutes is too long then make it 5.
> Pete, W1RM
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> If there was a 10 min band change rule for all categories before, why 
> was it eliminated?  For Field Day, it would seem to make sense.
> That rule by itself, would not eliminate 2 transmitters using one 
> band-mode, interlocked in classic multi-single style.  To eliminate 
> that, there would need to be additional language if the intent is to
prevent that.
> Again, I personally don't care what the final rules are, but I see 
> people posting SO2R results and others showing set ups that look like 
> typical multi-single operations and none of that should be occurring 
> if the intent is otherwise.
> I remember years ago there being a 10 min type rule and then wondered 
> where it went.
> 73
> Ed  N1UR

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