[CQ-Contest] Field Day Rules - From the ARRL

Ed Sawyer sawyered at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 8 16:00:18 EDT 2016

I took Tom, K1KI's, suggestion and reached out the Field Day Contest
director for clarification, Bart, W9JJ.


Here is his answer directly copied from the response.


"Field Day rules reference the number of transmitters - not the number of
transmitted signals at a given moment.  Your transmitter count is what it is
- for say Class 2A using a generator and portable antennas, many Field Day
operations would have a dedicated HF CW transmitter, and a dedicated HF
Phone transmitter.  If you add an additional S & P transmitter, then your
Class becomes 3A."


So there is no doubt about SO2R my friends - its 2D or 2E.  And if you have
a 2 radio set up on a band, you add up transmitters, not simultaneous
signals, according to Bart.


Interesting that the rules themselves counter this statement by Bart, which
state - " Field Day entries are classified according to the maximum number
of simultaneously transmitted signals" (direct excerpt from the rules).


So according to the rules its one thing and according to the contest
administrator, its another.  Clear as mud.


The rules need to be clarified in my opinion.


Anyway, it is what it is.


Ed  N1UR


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