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Thu Jun 9 12:49:26 EDT 2016

Ed N1UR said 
I took Tom, K1KI's, suggestion and reached out the Field Day Contest director for clarification, Bart, W9JJ.

Here is his answer directly copied from the response.

"Field Day rules reference the number of transmitters - not the number of transmitted signals at a given moment.  Your transmitter count is what it is - for say Class 2A using a generator and portable antennas, many Field Day operations would have a dedicated HF CW transmitter, and a dedicated HF Phone transmitter.  If you add an additional S & P transmitter, then your Class becomes 3A."

So there is no doubt about SO2R my friends - its 2D or 2E.  And if you have a 2 radio set up on a band, you add up transmitters, not simultaneous signals, according to Bart.

Snipped the rest

I think that W9JJ Bart’s response was just fine and accurate to the intent of the rules.  If you have 2 run radios then add 2 S&P radios (with lock-outs or not) and claim 2A you are incorrect in your interpretation of the rules. You are 4A not 2A or whatever class. Most of us who have been around for a while understand that.

But there are some who are always looking for “loop-holes”, and I am not trying to imply that you are, you are just looking for some answers. I am just stating in general terms that some ops, groups and clubs always look for loop-holes in the rules.

And that is the unfortunate part, that some are looking for ways to circumvent the rules and call it okay. Even when they know better. 

Are the rules a bit unclear? I suppose so, yes you are right. But so is Bart, he got it right.

I have gone to the local general purpose club’s field day and they set-up as 4A, but seldom do they have even 2 radios transmitting at the same time, let alone 4. But they are still 4A. There is usually me on CW and one guy on phone, with the 2 other transmitters sitting idle most of the time. It is a very low key field day, operate if you want, sit and chat if that suits you better. No effort to keep 4 radios going full time, quite the opposite. But even these non-contesters understand that they are operating 4A, not 1A or 2A.

How about this “each and every transmitter that is capable of transmitting counts against your transmitter total, whether or not the transmitter is ever used during the contest period. If it is there it counts, even if turned off. With the exception of a radio brought for back-up purposes”. oops another loop-hole.

73 Scott W2LC 

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