[CQ-Contest] Field Day Rules - From the ARRL

Jim Brown k9yc at audiosystemsgroup.com
Thu Jun 9 17:23:13 EDT 2016

On Thu,6/9/2016 9:49 AM, w2lc at twcny.rr.com wrote:
> "Field Day rules reference the number of transmitters - not the number of transmitted signals at a given moment.  Your transmitter count is what it is - for say Class 2A using a generator and portable antennas, many Field Day operations would have a dedicated HF CW transmitter, and a dedicated HF Phone transmitter.  If you add an additional S & P transmitter, then your Class becomes 3A."

Actually, he is mistaken, that is NOT what the Rules say, and the Field 
Day rules do NOT prohibit SO2R. BUT -- section 2.3.1 of General Rules 
For All Contests Below 30 MHz includes a band-change limit of six band 
changes per clock hour for Multiop, Single Transmitter Class, which 
significantly limits what you can do with SO2R.

If you're a single op, traditional SO2R IS clearly permitted by the FD 
Rules. The prohibition in paragraph 4 of the FD Rules specifically 
addresses two operators with an "octopus."

73, Jim K9YC

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