[CQ-Contest] Field Day Rules - From the ARRL

Gerry Treas K8GT k8gt at mi.rr.com
Fri Jun 10 03:26:01 EDT 2016

Jim, I disagree with your interpretation.

First, Field Day is not a contest, so General contest rules don't apply, 
Field Day Rules do.

Second, the only thing that "the Octopus" rules referred to were those 
that were trying to use more transmitters than the class that they were 

The only people that are arguing this are the "bare knuckle brawler" 
contesters.  Like W2LC said, and I agree, our operation is a low key 
event.  Last year we even prevented our 3 hardnosed contesters (I'm one) 
from operating if there were newbies, VHFers, even unlicensed people 
around.  It was up to us to mentor them and be their control ops.  
Expose the public to Amateur Radio and all that we do.  It's paid off in 
more students for our license classes and more members for our local club.

Then if things got slow, we'd jump in and operate.  The only reason that 
we don't want rigs to sit idle isn't for the score but just to have more 
people exposed to HF operating.

Last year, we had a teacher from the STEM school that we did an ARISS 
contact at, and she had gotten her Tech license but had never been on 
the air.  We set her down with one of our best mentors and even as 
nervous as she was, she was game.  An hour later we couldn't pry her out 
of the chair, she was having so much fun.   THAT'S what Field Day is all 
about.  I usually get a couple of hams come out and all they want to do 
is ask questions about radios, antennas and misc items.  They don't even 
operate but we try to talk them into it.

I love contesting, but that's not why I participate in Field Day.

Go have some laid back Field Day FUN!

73, Gerry, K8GT

On 09-Jun-16 17:23, Jim Brown wrote:
> On Thu,6/9/2016 9:49 AM, w2lc at twcny.rr.com wrote:
>> "Field Day rules reference the number of transmitters - not the 
>> number of transmitted signals at a given moment.  Your transmitter 
>> count is what it is - for say Class 2A using a generator and portable 
>> antennas, many Field Day operations would have a dedicated HF CW 
>> transmitter, and a dedicated HF Phone transmitter.  If you add an 
>> additional S & P transmitter, then your Class becomes 3A."
> Actually, he is mistaken, that is NOT what the Rules say, and the 
> Field Day rules do NOT prohibit SO2R. BUT -- section 2.3.1 of General 
> Rules For All Contests Below 30 MHz includes a band-change limit of 
> six band changes per clock hour for Multiop, Single Transmitter Class, 
> which significantly limits what you can do with SO2R.
> If you're a single op, traditional SO2R IS clearly permitted by the FD 
> Rules. The prohibition in paragraph 4 of the FD Rules specifically 
> addresses two operators with an "octopus."
> 73, Jim K9YC
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