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You mean ike this?


73, Dave K3ZJ

On Sat, Jun 11, 2016 at 7:38 AM, Charles Harpole <hs0zcw at gmail.com> wrote:

> I opposed removing printed scores and went through three sample QSTs and
> found wasted column inches here and there to discard that just about
> equaled the page space for scores.
> Sent that to the Editor, oh well.
> I like the printed version because I can understand and appreciate my score
> within the SPATIAL DISTRIBUTION of the other scores.  It was satisfying to
> quickly see my place in the visually laid out other calls.  The space of
> the page allowed me to comprehend my place in the greater picture.
> This result is so much more informative and satisfying than a small set of
> numbers on a screen.
> An example comes from my making the transition from real film to
> video--teaching the editing of each.  With film, there is a tangible length
> of a shot that you can see and feel.  The length of exposed film shot in a
> roll has dimensions that the mind can quickly comprehend, conceptualize,
> and fit in with the other rolls there on your table.
> With video, the idea of a shot (now called a clip) is displayed as between
> 2:23:45 and 2:24:11, i.e., as time in a digital display.  Conceptually, it
> was much harder for the students to think of how long the shot was in video
> rather than just looking at the film rolls.
> Same difference is the spatial display of What Time Is It... a circular
> clock face displays with visible spaces between the numbers;  a digital
> clock shows only this one minute.
> A receiver with a slide rule dial (remember those) gave you a concept of
> the space of the band.  A digital freq readout number does not.  We like
> seeing our bands whole as a spread of conceptual space and thus we all like
> "bandscopes" (panadapters).  We still speak of going up the band like it is
> a real place to move around in.
> I think in terms of space, not numeric displays of it.  I like printed
> scores.  73, Charly K4VUD
> P.S.  Which do you quickly understand:
> It is a room about 22feet by 25feet or
> It is about the size of a double garage.
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