[CQ-Contest] Printed scores and spatial concepts

Tom Osborne w7why at frontier.com
Sat Jun 11 19:51:39 EDT 2016

QST would be a lot more interesting if they put some things of interest of
more than EMCOMM and VHF/UHF articles.  How many more transverters for
35Ghz do we need to see construction articles for.  And don't get me
started on WinLink and other modes that use a computer for communication.
Why not just use your cell phone.  And the 'Happenings' and 'Washington'
stuff is totally boring.

I'd like to see antenna articles for something more than another J-pole for
2 meters.  A QRP column would be fun.  NCJ had a column, 'Contesting for
Fun' that had a lot of neat stuff in it about portable and QRP contesting.
A few articles bout building some LP tube stuff would be interesting.

But to me, the biggest disappointment was when they took the contest
results, along with the pictures and soapbox comments out.

Some had stated that online stuff is good as you can just save it to some
kind of media.  Tell me how to save stuff that I can come back to in 30
years and read it again.  73

On Sat, Jun 11, 2016 at 11:57 AM, Dave Thompson <thompson at mindspring.com>

> Charley, K4VUD, HS0ZCW pleas for printed scores to appear again in QST.
> CQ is doing an experiment of printing them again.  Thank Rich W2VU and Dick
> Ross, K2MGA for that.
> I tried for several years to convince ARRL to again put printed scores
> back in QST to no avail and I had several allies with no success.  My
> argument was
> that in 30 years you could look in an old QST and get your score.  At the
> moment they appear on the ARRL web site BUT where will they be in 30 years.
> I keep old QST copies where I won or placed well in contests. The June 1959
> QST shows my picture as a young lad placing 3rd in the ARRL Phone SS (yep
> that was AM phone). I gave a possible example of a young college YL placing
> well in a contest being able to look back in a QST to see her score. The
> question is where the score will appear in say 30 or 40 years. Technology
> is changing fast and who knows where we will be then. Many of us spent
> money to get old magazines on microfiche or now on CD's or DVDs but all of
> that will be obsolete.  Magazines and print will still be available even if
> only PDF or a modern equivalent.
> I say keep the scores on the web BUT also lets see them in print.
> 73 Dave K4JRB

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