[CQ-Contest] Assisted Headphones

Barry w2up at comcast.net
Wed Jun 15 19:57:08 EDT 2016

For me, the most important quality of headphones, by far, is comfort.  
As primarily a CW op, I don't need high fidelity for my radio.  IIRC, 
someone in 4-land wrote an article in QST a number of years ago about 
building a fairly simple audio equalizer.

Barry W2UP

On 6/15/2016 16:21, Jim Brown wrote:
> On Tue,6/14/2016 8:22 AM, José Nunes CT1BOH wrote:
>> I think this is really great in theory. An haedphones that adapts to 
>> each one audible frequency sprectrum
> This MAY be of use in the high futility world if it's done well, but 
> the only benefit for ham radio would be correcting for hearing loss -- 
> in other words, doing what a good hearing aid does. Some radios, like 
> the Elecraft K3 and KX3, have 36 dB of response correction built-in in 
> the form of an 8-band equalizer for the speech range.
> 73, Jim K9YC
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