[CQ-Contest] Contest simulation using RBN archives

Dez Watson g3ww.dez at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 08:53:41 EDT 2016


There are tools out there to analyse archived RBN data, ViewProp is one 
such program which springs to mind.

This is great for analysing propagation and planning contest strategies 
using real data.

What I'd really like to do is use RBN archived data to simulate a telnet 
feed into my contest logger's bandmap.

In essence, I want to simulate a contest using archived data to 
experiment  with band changes and alternative

strategies, retrospectively.

The RBN raw data is in the .csv format so I'm well aware I can view the 
data in say Excel or Access so could do

this manually but really want to simulate an archived RBN feed to my 
logger's bandmap.

Any thoughts or suggestions?!


Dez, G3WW / M6W

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