[CQ-Contest] FQP K4OJ MM/m CW - Prelim numbers and adventures

Christopher Blake cqdenx4n at gmail.com
Mon May 2 17:13:32 EDT 2016

Hello FQP Fanatics -
Red, Kevin and I had a SUPER time, made it back in one piece and are
beginning to work on combining our station logs so this is a brief prelim
report only.
Certainly we will regale you with more story-lines soon, but for now:

Preliminary score:
BAND     QSO's     MULTS
40m         556         24
20m        2575        72
15m         375         57
10m       Zip/Nil      Nada/Put a Fork In It
*Total  = 3505 QSO's     72(?) Mults*

*Roughhhhh Estimated Total = 953,868  *

Previews of our adventures-

   - Barrels of... oh, poop!
   - Collier Gator Bait Speed Trap
   - Hey Mon, we be Jammin'
   - LEV it to Beaver
   - An Ode'(r) to Propagation
   - Red's SWR magic
   - Helllloooooo - I'm Here! Anyone there?
   - Kevin's Guidance - RFI Whining Protocol
   - Back at the Ranch - good eats, good greets
   - Station, Antenna, Rain and LuvBug reports and more!

It may take a bit, but we'll return with a full report and final claimed

Vy 73/OJ,
Tem OJ - Chris, NX4N; Red, K0LUZ; Kevin, N4KM

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