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Fri May 13 18:38:14 EDT 2016

Even though you know the outcome, the way it was judged did surprise me. Given the emphasis on technology these days, it appears that the technology was ignored and decisions were made by the old gut-feeling type of decision making.  I was a bit underwhelmed to say the least. Why bother with all the technology if you are just going to ignore it?

Ken K6MR

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I bought it on a whim the other night (from amazon.ca) and have had a hard
time putting it down !  I find myself even on coffee breaks picking up my
smartphone to try to get another ½-chapter in.

A real good read, even though I have read a lot online about WRTC2014, N3BB
really brings the event alive with his writing style & more details of
pretty much everything..

Great job !

I am abt 70% done and even though I already know the outcome, I can’t wait
to read the final 30% of the book.

Mike VE9AA

Mike, Coreen & Corey

Keswick Ridge, NB

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