[CQ-Contest] Convergence and Change

VE2TZT ve2tzt at arrl.net
Sun May 15 11:46:34 EDT 2016

I second and following the same reasoning I am wondering why other 
categories like Low Power in Phone contests (were it seems impossible to 
prove that entrants are not actually High Power) are not in question.

_But the most powerful vector of change_ will be when a significant 
group of top contesters will definitively enter in assisted category 
with of course top scores topping those of top unassisted.

Then no necessity to merge the categories by force, the "king" 
unassisted being dethroned will quickly deflate, the merge appearing 
natural at that time.

I believe that's the Randy goal : showing the example and inviting the 
others to follow.

Gilles VA2EW

On 15/05/2016 08:33, kr2q at optimum.net wrote:
> If the tools available do not allow for detecting "unclaimed assistance," is it ethical for the sponsor to keep the categories separate

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