[CQ-Contest] ARRL CD Bulletin archives?

Hal Offutt hal at japancorporateresearch.com
Tue May 17 12:04:16 EDT 2016


I have 14 issues from April '59 through October '62 (missing the Oct '61 
issue).  I would be happy to scan them if someone wants to provide a 
home for them on a website.

They are really fascinating to read.  Each issue had 5-6 good quality 
B&W pictures, four pages of news, and the results of the previous CD 
Party with soapbox comments.  They also included blank paper logs to use 
for the next Party.  Logs were mailed in those days, of course.

I had forgotten, but the CD parties were 20 out of 33 hours, any band 
(including 6 meters), and no power limits or categories. Separate 
weekends for each mode.  You added your code proficiency credit to your 
QSO points (at 5 pts per Q) before multiplying by sections worked to get 
your score.  You needed an ARRL appointment to participate, which 
probably helped to promote traffic handling in order to become an 
Official Relay Station.  Top scorers from those days were produced by 
ops such as W1TMZ, W1TYQ, K2EIN, K5DGI, W4KFC, W3MSR, K4BAI, W3TMZ, 
K4PUZ, K4AMC, W1EOB, W8IBX, W4YE, W9YT (W9SZR, op), etc.  Some of these 
guys are still very active.  The highest score from this period was 
264,000 points made by K5DGI (now N5WA) in LA.  That equates to around 
750 contacts I guess.  One of the mults back then was the Canal Zone!

These are part of contesting and US amateur history and it would be 
great if we could locate them all and make them available.  Wouldn't the 
League have copies in their filing cabinets?

73, Hal W1NN
K8HVT back then

On 5/15/2016 9:22 PM, Chip Adams wrote:
> N6TJ's reference yesterday to W9IOP and W4KFC (Re: Convergence and 
> Change) dumped me into serious reminiscence of that era. Is it at all 
> possible that there's an OT out there with a pile of the old CD 
> bulletins in an attic somewhere?  These mailed bulletins contained 
> priceless post contest comments from CD party participants, including 
> Vic and Larry. Scanned to PDF, there might be quite a few of us 
> survivors who would kill to relive those days through those snapshots.
> Chip K7LR
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