[CQ-Contest] Quo Vadis Contesting?

Yuri Blanarovich k3bu at optimum.net
Mon May 16 11:12:09 EDT 2016

I hope not the way DXing went. With lists, nets, net controls, phone 
To me, it was destroyed with the use of "crutches," it lost meaning 
counting new ones, Honor Roll. So that part of competitive Ham Radio was 
diluted by few "clever" ones: "Last heard, you were 3 by 5...., good 
Now the technology and its "clever" use is catching up with contesting. 
Terminology and meaning is being twisted and massaged to fit personal 
interpretation, meaning of intent and rules.
If someone installed outboard engine on the sail boat and went to 
compete in sail boat category, that would be nuts and not acceptable. If 
cyclist put motor on his bike and went to compete in Tour de France, it 
would not be allowed - outside of rules.
But in Ham Radio we are not that stupid, we allow technology to 
"improve" our competitiveness and fun. First we call it Assisted, then 
we blend it all together and come out with "better" rules, ignoring the 
purpose and tradition of competition. Slap the engine on it and click 
away on the world of spots. Take it! If not, you are Luddite and 
irrelevant, "progress" is unstoppable in Ham Radio. Stoopid Tour de 
France or Americas Cup just don't get it. We hams are waaaay ahead.
The results? 
More "clever" ways around, not just pushing the power a bit, but now the 
Internet connection to rest of the world's clicking hams, remote secret 
sites, Skimmers across the World, rentaStations, pretending to be on 
Spratly, ......   Mostly pretending to still be in the sail boat 
category, telling the rest to hop on board, that is the future.
Impact on bands? Horrendous pileups on poor multiplier. Endless CQing, 
hogging the precious frequency while clicking away on multipliers, ...
The trend and push is now on blending the SO categories, mount your jet 
or rocket engine on the sail boat and show those Luddites with just sail 
how it is done! All the fun you are missing!
We are in technology hobby/sport and should not ignore the tradition 
(sails) in application of modernization (engines) to our contests. Want 
new category (sail and jet)? Add it. But do not force the rules to 
eliminate the tradition and records for those who enjoy it.
For me, the contesting is approaching the status and "fun" of DXing. 
With personal events, station building problems I am primed for 
retirement, perhaps occasional MM help or fun expedition, but serious 
contesting has lost my interest. Will start disposing equipment that I 
accumulated and get back to photo/video that has technology now 
I treasure and am proud of old days as OK3BU, VE3BMV, etc. when I build, 
modified my stations, Big Bertha with Razor Beams on 48x100 ft city lot, 
with horrible power line noise and results and records achieved without 
crutches of Internet. I built, modified and operated my sail boat and 
competed with others likewise. I loved every minute of it, learned a lot 
and used it to better myself and in my professional engineering life.
I just wish that Hams used logic in shaping the contesting and rules. 
Assisted - should be anything by SOMEONE ELSE outside of my shack, by 
any means, Internet. SO should be ME and my radios and gadgets in MY 
shack, my antennas, my skimmer, my computers, my radios licensed to my 
QTH, nobody "hunting" stations for me and feeding info via whatever. But 
this must be so hard to comprehend.
Flame retardant pajamas on and 73!
Yuri, K3BU.us
www.MVmanor.com <http://www.MVmanor.com>

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