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Wed May 18 06:25:05 EDT 2016

The subject I used is from Randy's most recent post

It is just amazing how Randy's PERSONAL editorial, where he goes out of his way to state that
this is HIS opinion ONLY and NOT that of the CQWWCC or sponsor, can grow from a spark
into this conflagration.  I guess that is just the nature of "social media" today.  

How many of the commenters even read Randy's editorial?  N6TJ did.  I did.

One of the things that strikes me, is that in his editorial, Randy used the word "recombine" as 
opposed to "combine."

That's right, assisted guys were originally included in with the non-assisted guys.  Where was
the outrage back then?  Did that stop anybody from entering the contest?  Nothing is stopping
anyone from entering "their way," even if we went back to "one single operator category."

And I feel that Randy has also neglected some important history.  He has not mentioned
what took place prior to packet cluster.  Guys would "share intelligence" all the time via
various means, including 2m FM...or even worse (in my opinion), AFTER the contest, both
in person and via HF and 2m FM, etc.  "I worked this 9M2 but I didn't get his suffix.  Can 
anyone help me fill it in?  I don't want to lose the mult!"

Much of this happened for CLUB purposes (altruism?).  

Despite this being out in the open, the scores were still listed together (all single ops).

And here is something that I found interesting for CQWW CW 2015.

In North America, for SO All Band HP, 71% (512) of the entrants entered as ASSISTED.
29% (212) entered as not assisted.

In Europe, for SO All Band HP, 64% (500) of the entrants entered as ASSISTED.
36% (276) entered as not assisted.

In NA, for ALL categories of entry (not CK logs) combined, 70% entered as Assisted.
In EU, for ALL categories of entry (not CK logs) combined, 67% entered as Assisted.

If you think I am pushing to (re) combine them, read my prior post (hint, I'm not).

In closing, I appreciate that some of you posting your very strong opinions are doing
so out of a deep and heart felt concern.  But please be aware that others are reading 
your posts too.  They may not be aware that you are venting, because it can come
across as something more than that.  Please think about the impact your comments
might have on potential newbie contesters.  As many here have said, for the contest
to continue to be successful, "more is better."  Please don't scare them away.

de Doug KR2Q

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