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David Siddall hhamwv at gmail.com
Mon May 23 09:22:35 EDT 2016


Alpha very recently was acquired by a 3-person investment group the
majority owner of which is Mike, N8WFF (or one of the entities that he
controls).  The new legal name is Alpha RF Systems LLC.  At Dayton Mike's
exhibit prominently included Alpha and he said that the new Alpha website
should be up within several weeks.

Mike also owns and manages Dishtronix (solid-state amplifiers and
accessories), which he founded; Emtron, purchased last year from its
Australian owner; & TenTec, purchased last year from RKR Designs, the same
company that owned Alpha.  If Mike follows through as with TenTec, the
first priority will be getting organized and making sure that the existing
service department continues and is improved where possible.  On behalf of
the other companies, he announced that the new TenTec Omni VII+ will be
released within a month or two, and new versions of the Emtron DX-2 & DX-3
will be released in late summer.

73, Dave K3ZJ

On Sun, May 22, 2016 at 11:27 PM, steve sala <k7awbgoog at gmail.com> wrote:

> For anyone returning from Dayton this weekend, was Alpha Amps (RKR) there
> with a table?  If so, what did you learn?  Their website still advertises
> TenTec although they have it posted that they separated the two companies.
> I have a lot of money invested in my Alpha 9500 and have concern why there
> is no advertising nor presence anywhere?
> Steve K7AWB

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