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At KL7RA we have been using Win-test for quite a few years. It is amazingly
stable, and is designed for a networked multi-x environment (though it works
great for SO1R and SO2R). It also works well on old windows machines, though
we just recently upgraded all of our machines. I would point out that on an
older machine with serial and parallel ports, setting up various interfaces
for PTT and CW is pretty straightforward. When we upgraded to the newer
machines, we had to rebuild all of the interfaces... it isn't any more
difficult, but it required USB to serial interfaces.

There is a robust community of users who have solved most of the problems
with configurations and scripts.

Wigi, KL0R

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Looking around at various contest Loggers and considering a change - We have
used N1MM for some time but the reporting leaves me cold.

We mainly operate Multi Operator - so need good networking, good comms, and
good reporting for each operator.

What do you use ? Why ? and what are its best features ?

Trent Sampson
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