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Hi Trent,
Yes, I recall that now re the ops not accurately reported during the Run  
and Max Rate reports. Not a drop dead issue for our single tower, only two  
stations, M/2, but I can see where it would be to bigger operations. And,  
yes the first op in the sequence seems to get full "credit" in the report. Not 
 very useful.
Here, we tightly schedule our few ops and always know who is on when and  
what bands. I can see where this would help, but having it reported by N1MM+  
would be helpful to others that loosely schedule. 
73, Bob K8IA
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
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Hi Bob, 
I just responded privately to another person and it  answers your questions 
To sort out the reporting :  
Post Contest I have subscribed to _www.qscope.org_ (http://www.qscope.org/) 
We have found throughout the reporting of N1MM anomalies  in Multi ops - 
such as operators listed under the Runs report and not listed  under the rates 
The rates in different parts of N1MM are not consistent  - if you are using 
1, 10 and 60 Minutes then this should be the only standard.   
The Max rates report in a Multi op gives the callsign of  the first 
operator in the sequence - some slight extra coding to show the  individuals would 
be awesome  
This is not a new occurrence as both myself and Phil  have been asking for 
this to be rectified for some time now.  
While we may not move on we are looking for  alternatives.  
To us operator management is a primary concern:  Most of the downfall is 
We would like to see a Bum in chair time as per Writelog  even with 
negative for those not on air ie how long off the rig.   
Looking at other packages is very interesting ; for  example on feature of 
WINTEST is an integration with HAMCAP that forecasts  prop to arrange skeds 
with a Multiplier 
This feature is called QSY Wizard 
The search continues  
Score at this stage from private emails  
N1MM – 2  
Writelog – 3  
Wintest – 5  
Trent Sampson 
Po Box 275 Mooloolaba QLD 4557  
Mobile 0408497550 
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Hi  Trent,

A  small group of us Arizona Outlaws have been doing M/2 for over 7 years 
here.  (N7AT and several other calls). We have used N1MM/N1MM+ that entire 
time. We  find the networking ability quite good, very robust, and the 
reporting  suiting our operation.

What  about the N1MM reporting is inadequate for your needs?  

73,  Bob K8IA
Arizona  Outlaws Contest Club



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Looking  around at various contest Loggers and considering a change - We 
have used  N1MM for some time but the reporting leaves me cold.

We mainly  operate Multi Operator - so need good networking, good comms, 
and good  reporting for each operator.

What do you use ? Why ? and what are its  best features ?

Trent Sampson
Po Box 275 Mooloolaba  QLD 4557
Mobile  0408497550

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