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If YOU type "4" but your COMPUTER inserts "44", I'd feel comfortable
correcting it.

On Wednesday, November 9, 2016, Art Boyars <artboyars at gmail.com> wrote:

> We all agree that we're not allowed to manipulate the log after the
> Contest... "except for obvious typos," some say.  I've always disagreed
> with that -- part of the job is to get the received info correctly into the
> log.
> Just to show that I actually hold by this, I just sent in my SS CW log.  To
> relive the fun of the contest, I reviewed the Cabrillo log.  (Oh, how I
> miss the info-laden paper logs, with each multiplier marked and with the
> scratch-out corrections as visual reminders of the details of each QSO.)
> In the Cabrillo log I noticed that one QSO with a QRP station shows
> received NR 3316.  Well, sometimes I bang on the keyboard too hard and I
> get an accidental double character.  "Obviously," that's a typo I could
> correct to NR 316.  But I didn't.  One busted QSO.
> In another QSO, I noticed that I logged N44LF.  Gee, I don't remember
> working any N44's, but I do remember that N4LF was all over the place.
> "Obviously," another accidental double character from hitting the keyboard
> too hard.  And I didn't correct this one, either.  That's a busted QSO and
> a penalty for busted call sign.
> So, my score will suffer a little. Every year my bad typing costs me points
> (and this year I used a new keyboard with unfamiliar software -- double
> trouble).  But I feel good about my attitude and my behavior.
> And I hope I'll act the same if I'm ever in first place (fat chance) by a
> couple of QSOs.  Quoting my son, again: "If you don't use your conscience
> regularly, it won't work when you need it."
> Learning that, and applying it, is one of the values of contesting.
> 73, Art K3KU
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